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Career Training

Franklin Technology Center specializes in getting you trained for a career that you can begin immediately and start receiving the benefits from relevant education and hands-on training in the following areas. We look forward to discussing your career and your future!

Federal Financial Aid is available to eligible students attending fulltime adult programs at Franklin Technology Center.  Federal student aid is a resource to assist you in paying for your education. In order to apply for financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a FTC financial aid application. You may obtain the applications in the financial aid office at Franklin Technology Center or call 417-659-4400 to request an application be sent to you. The financial aid office is located on the MSSU Campus in the Alumni/FTC Bldg., Room 108. A student should apply before April 1st to possibly qualify for state grants.
For financial aid information, call 417-659-4400.

Penny Williams - Coordinator
Instruction covers basic office skills needed by individuals to enter the workforce as administrative assistants, secretaries, accounting clerks,bookkeepers, as well as a variety of other office positions. This program utilizes Windows XP Microsoft Office Suite, and QuickBooks Pro. 7 months.

Leisa Nivens - Coordinator
The administrative duties of a medical assistant include scheduling and receiving patients, obtain and maintaining patients' medical records,typing medical transcripts, handling telephone calls, and correspondence.  The clinical duties may include preparing the patient for examination, obtaining vital signs, taking medical histories and screening visual and color acuity. 8 months.

Paula Webb - Dental Coordinator
The administrative duties of a Dental Assistant include scheduling and receiving patients, obtain and maintaining patients' dental records, typing dental transcripts, handling telephone calls,and correspondence.  The clinical duties may include preparing the patient for examination, taking dental histories and screenings. 8 months.
Dena Adams - Coordinator
The administrative duties of a Veterinary Assistant include scheduling and receiving patients, obtaining and maintaining patients' vet records, typing vet transcripts, handling telephone phone calls, and correspondence.  The clinical duties may include preparing the patient for examination, vet histories and screenings. 8 months.

Judy Hancock - Coordinator
The health care field is one of the fastest growing occupational areas in the nation today.  Acute care hospitals, long-term care centers, nursing homes, mental health and substance abuse centers, clinics, home health care services, physician offices, specialized health care facilities and the armed forces all offer a variety of positions for the licensed practical nurse. 10 months.

Gayla Roper - Coordinator
The Surgical Technologist, also called Operating Room Technician is an integral member of the surgical team. Surgical Technologists work with reg. nurses, surgeons, anesthetists, and other personnel delivering patient care before, during,and after surgery.  Surgical Technologists create and maintain a sterile field in the operating room,assist the surgeon by handing surgical instruments and supplies during surgery, aid surgeon in achieving exposure for visualization purposes,provide general assistance to the surgeon, and operate surgical equipment. 8 months.

Glenda Pippin - Coordinator
Respiratory Therapy deals with assessment, diagnosis and management of patients with cardio pulmonary deficiencies or abnormalities.Respiratory therapists work in hospitals, clinics,and home care agencies under the supervision oral physician. They use equipment in treatment of lung disorders such as asthma, emphysema,pneumonia, and bronchitis.  After successful completion of the RT program students are eligible to take the certification exam given by the National Board for Respiratory Care to become a Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) and be licensed to practice respiratory care.  This is an Associate Degree Program articulated with MSSU. Please Note: The tuition does NOT include core classes if applicable to the student.

Misti Essley - Coordinator
A Pharmacy Technician is an individual who, under the supervision of a pharmacist, assists in the performance of activities of the pharmacy department not requiring the professional judgment of a pharmacist. Preparing and filing prescriptions under the direction of a pharmacist, preparing medication for clients through mixing, counting pills and labeling bottles, labeling and storing supplies, preparing IV solutions, answering telephones, receiving and verifying prescriptions , and operating healthcare information systems. 8 months. 
The modern automobile has become a technical complex device to maintain and repair.  The technician must call upon knowledge of sound mechanical and electrical principles to service the integrated systems of the automobile. These skills are needed by individuals to enter the workforce as entry-level automotive service technicians. Intensive career preparation is provided through a combination of classroom instructions and hands-on experience. Individuals must complete the program to receive certification. 9 months.

Instruction covers technical skills needed by individuals to enter the work force as entry-level automotive body repairers. This includes minor metal and structural repair, welding of structures,part replacement, and techniques used in priming and painting materials. Classroom and lab instruction are given to effectively teach an auto body technician to repair a damaged vehicle. 9 months.

HVAC (Day or Evening)
Classroom instruction includes lectures and demonstrations that focus on building, step by step, an understanding of the principles and theories used in HVAC/R industry. Lab instruction consists of hands-on demonstrations with tools and equipment the student will use after graduation. Students will also have the opportunity to test for the EPA Certification required for handling of Freon. 9 months.

This course prepares students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to become an entry-level graphic arts designer or press operator. Instruction includes the process of camera,plate making, bindery, design, layout, composition, basic screen-printing, and desktop publishing in classroom setting. Hands-on practical application of equipment is also taught to complete the design process from layout to the finished printed piece. 9 months.

This welding program encompasses 720 hours of instruction and training.  Instruction covers basic technical skills needed by a combined compliment of classroom instruction including lectures,demonstration and lab instruction with practical application and hands-on work with equipment.The six modules are: Safety, Blue Print Reading,Oxy-Fuel Cutting/Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding(GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW).Twenty hours of job exploration is also included.ASME Certification available after course completion. 9 months.

Building Trades is a field that involves construction of commercial and residential buildings.Persons taking this class may be interested in designing, architecture, carpentry, plumbing, or electrical. Building Trades is designed to prepare the student for either entry-level employment in the construction field or the basis to continue one's education. Basic skills and terminology of the construction field in the areas of carpentry,plumbing, electrical, exterior finishing, drywall,interior and exterior trim, roofing, bidding and estimating, and blueprint reading are included.The course will provide the opportunity to plan,layout, and build a complete residential  house in one school year. Students will have the hands-on experience of building plus the personal satisfaction from seeing people move into the completed house. Approximately 90% of the curriculum is a hands-on approach to learning. The curriculum is designed as a one-year program for adult students who are enrolled on a full-time basis. 9 months.